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Practical Nurse 2 Year Program at Portage College

How long is the Practical Nurse 2 Year Program at Portage College?
2 Year Diploma (68 weeks)

What you need to get in to the Practical Nurse 2 Year Program at Portage College?
Entrance Requirements: Minimum of 60% in English 30 (30-1), or 70% in English 33 (30-2); minimum of 50% in one of Math 20 or Pure Math 20, or a minimum 60% in Applied Math 20 or Math 23; minimum of 60% in Biology 30 if coming directly from high school, must have a high school diploma. Minimum 18 years of age or mature Status*. High school transcripts, and post-secondary transcripts, if applicable. Statement of good physical and mental health. Up-to-date immunization including hepatitis B (may be completed while in program). TOEFL 560/220 and TSE 200/50 if English is second language. Clear criminal record check submitted three months prior to program start or on application. Signed Criminal Record Check Waiver Form. *Mature Students must be at least 19 years of age, meet the requirements for Math, English and Biology, and the non-academic requirements. Career Potential: Graduates will be eligible for jobs in acute care hospitals, continuing care centers, community care settings, client homes, clinics, or doctor's offices. Practical Nurses earn approximately $17 - $24 per hour. This unique nursing education program delivered from a rural perspective prepares students to meet the competencies required to enter the exciting, dynamic profession of Practical Nursing. Our program is centered on the McGill Model of nursing, which emphasizes collaboration, health promotion and family-centered nursing. Students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to work in a wide variety of health care settings, both rural and urban. Graduates are eligible to write the national licensing examination administered through the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta. Our enthusiastic, experienced instructors incorporate individual learning needs and imaginative, innovative classroom and lab experiences.

For more information on the Practical Nurse 2 Year Program at Portage College
(780) 623-5580

Does the Practical Nurse 2 Year Program offer a Coop?

Distance Education Available:

What type of learning environment should I expect in the Practical Nurse 2 Year Program?
In Class Study

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