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University of Alberta Entrance Awards: Questions and Answers

Do I have to apply for admission before I can apply for awards/scholarships?

No, it is not necessary to have applied or been accepted for admission to the University of Alberta at the time of application for entrance awards.

Does applying for scholarships automatically give me admission to the U of A?

No, you must apply separately for both awards/scholarships and admission.

Do I have to fill out more than one application to be considered for all awards?

Each award/scholarship competition, with the exception of the IB and AP Scholarship Competitions, has a separate application that must be submitted by the appropriate deadline. By completing an application for a specific competition, you will be considered for all the awards within that competition.

Are awards and scholarships based only on marks?

Applicants must have a minimum awards average of 80% to compete for University of Alberta entrance scholarships; however, many scholarships also have secondary criteria such as leadership qualities, athletic ability and/or financial need.

How many awards/scholarships can I apply for/receive? Is there a limit to the amount of money I can receive?

You are eligible to apply to and may receive multiple scholarships and awards from the entrance competitions. There is no set limit on the total value of the scholarships that you may receive.

How is my awards average calculated?

We use five subjects to calculate your awards average: English and your four highest marks from Humanities (Group A), Fine Arts (Group B), and Sciences (Group C). (A maximum of one Fine Arts subject may be included). For non-Alberta students, the equivalent courses are used.

For competitions that use Grade 10 and/or Grade 11 awards averages, the equivalent courses are used at the 10 and 20 levels. For non-Alberta students, the equivalent courses are used.

Once I know I am receiving an award or scholarship, how do I get the money?

An awards notice will be sent to you with information regarding the award conditions/regulations. To be eligible to receive these funds, you must be enrolled full time at the University of Alberta. Award/scholarship funds will be applied directly to your student account.

Does my award or scholarship have to go toward my tuition?

Yes. Any awards/scholarship funds that you are awarded will be applied to your student account first. If your scholarship exceeds the amount owing on your student account, the remainder will be directly deposited into your bank account or mailed to you in the form of a cheque.

What happens if I decide to take a year off after high school?

If you take a year off before attending the U of A, your awards and scholarships will not be deferred. You may re-apply to the following year's competitions (as long as you do not begin postsecondary studies elsewhere), but there is no guarantee that you will receive the same award/scholarship values previously offered.

If I am offered an award or scholarship, can I receive it if I decide to attend another institution?

No, entrance awards and scholarships are valid only at the University of Alberta.

What kinds of athletic awards and scholarships does the U of A offer?

Students who will be members of the University of Alberta's varsity Athletics programs, the Golden Bears and Pandas, may be eligible to receive Athletic Financial Awards. In accordance with the University of Alberta and Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) policies, over $800,000 in athletic financial assistance (including the Jimmie Condon Scholarships) was administered to student-athletes at the University of Alberta in the 2006 academic year. A variety of Athletic financial awards are available, for more information please contact Athletics at 780.492.7995. In addition, the U of A offers the following scholarships based on academic excellence and athletic ability for which students may apply:

1. Eldon Foote Track and Field Scholarships (2 awards annually)

2. Other athletic scholarships (including the Universiade '83 Scholarships) are available by nomination.

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