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Alberta Agricultural Scholarship Award

Scholarship Value $500

Number of Scholarships 6

The Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies have SIX Scholarship awards that will be given to outstanding post‐secondary students continuing their education, who have volunteered their time and energy to their communities and agricultural societies. Please consider individuals in your community who could benefit from receiving this award. Applicants must be nominated by their local Agricultural Society.

In 1995 it was decided to use funds from the Special Project Trust Fund to create a scholarship for Alberta Students entering or enrolled in an agricultural based program. Each Applicant would be nominated by their Agricultural Society.


  1. The applicant must be enrolled in a minimum two year program at an Alberta post-secondary institution. The applicant must be nominated by their local Agricultural Society.
  2. The nominating Agricultural Society must be in good standing with Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies (AAAS), meaning  the current year’s membership fees are paid and they have no outstanding payments to AAAS.
  3. The applicant or their parent (s) or guardian must be a member of the nominating Agricultural Society. The applicant must be a volunteer within their community and Agricultural Society.
  4. Part-time students are eligible for this scholarship but the funds will not be paid prior to the completion of the full first year  courses of the program.
  5. A 500 word Essay is required on the applicants future plans for contributing as a volunteer within their community.
  6. A 200 word Essay is required outlining why the AAAS scholarship is deserved or how does your community benefit from your  local Agricultural Society.
  7. It is the intention of AAAS to award (SIX) $500.00 scholarships per year for three General Scholarships and three Agricultural  Scholarships. If six suitable recipients are not found in any given year the scholarship (s) all six may not be awarded.
  8. The scholarship will be paid to the applicant upon successful completion of the first application year. Transcript is required. An Agricultural Society can nominate more than one applicant.  


  • Include applicant’s and nominating Agricultural Society’s names on each page of the application
  • Number the application pages, including the application form, attached reference page, description ages and any other attach ments as follows: 1 of total number of pages. Eg. 1 of 5 pages, in total
  • Applicants and nominating Agricultural Society should keep a copy of all pages and attachments for reference
  • Scholarship recipient will receive an invitation for themselves and one guest
  • Additional banquet tickets can be purchased
  • December 1st Application Deadline  
  • January 17 Letter of notification will be sent to all applicants and their nominating Agricultural Society regarding the  committee’s decision.


  • Once a student receives a scholarship they are no longer eligible to apply for a future scholarship
  • Conflicts of Interest should be declared for any board members who sit on their selection committee