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Dr. Mirza Educational AGGA Scholarship

Scholarship Value $500

Number of Scholarships 2

Nominations are accepted each year for the Dr. MIRZA EDUCATIONAL AGGA Scholarship Draw for secondary school students. Typically this award is in the amount of $500.00, and is awarded at the Annual Meeting in November. All nominations are checked for eligibility and once confirmed, are placed in a hat, and a name is drawn. Recently we have been able to award 2 scholarships each year, as our Foundation, which funds the scholarship, has earned enough interest in 1 year to do so.


A) Parent must be a member of AGGA

B) Membership dues must be paid in full by October 31

C) A name is eligible only once - previous winners may NOT apply again, but parents may nominate a different child

D) Letter of introduction required to include: field of study and name of institution attended.

E) Although the field of study is immaterial in regards to eligibility, we still like to know what we are funding.

F) Deadline October 15 of each year

What you need to do to apply:

Complete the application form and submit the required documents. The parent(s) of the student must be members in 'good standing' of the AGGA at the time of the draw. Mail, fax or email your application to the contact listed on our Board of Directors list or the AGGA office. The application form is in pdf format and can be downloaded clicking here.