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University of Calgary Chancellor's Club Scholarships

Scholarship Value $40,000

Number of Scholarships 40

Chancellor's Club Scholarships are prestigious renewable awards offered to students applying to the University of Calgary on the basis of their high school grades and entering the first year of an undergraduate degree program in the Fall Term.


A) You must be admitted into first year in any undergraduate degree program for the fall term

B) A minimum admissions average of 90% with a strong indication of academic promise

C) Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident

D) You must demonstrate exceptional contribution to school and/or community life, leadership and volunteerism.

Renewal Requirements

A) Chancellor's Scholarship recipients must achieve a GPA of 3.60 or more on all courses completed in the fall and winter terms.

B) Maintain full-time registration (30.00 units or more) over fall and winter terms at UCalgary.

C) To renew each successive year, you must continue your extracurricular involvement and leadership activities. Submit annually a copy of your Co-Curricular Record and/or statement outlining your activities during the most recent academic year to Undergraduate Awards.