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How to Become a Sales Engineer

How to Become a Sales Engineer
Bachelor's degree

Sales engineers have a combination of interpersonal skills and a strong knowledge of the products they are selling. Many sales engineers have a bachelor's degree. Successful sales engineers can easily share information with potential buyers.

Education & Training

Typically, sales engineers have a bachelor's degree in engineering or a similar field. Individuals without a degree but who have previous sales experience are an asset. Those with training or technical experience often hold the title of sales engineer. Some workers may have their degree in chemistry or a different science while others may hold a business degree.

The majority of university engineering programs are approximately 4 years in length. The content varies; however, all include courses in the physical sciences and math. Additionally, most programs rely on developing excellent computer skills.

Students often focus on an area to specialize in. The most common engineering majors include: civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. However, certain engineering departments offer additional majors including: computer hardware engineering, biomedical engineering and chemical engineering. Some undergraduate programs offer a general engineering curriculum that enables students to specialize in a particular area in graduate school or on the job.


Graduates with engineering degrees usually require training and experience prior to being able to secure work independently as sales engineers. Training involves general sales techniques and may include spending time with a mentor who is familiar with the customers, employer's business practices, company culture and procedures. Sales engineers may opt to work with someone who has less technical skills but excels in the fine art of selling.

Sales engineers who wish to continue their sales and engineering education throughout their careers will stay abreast of the latest technologies. Advanced electronics, information technology and high-technology fields may find that frequent retraining is necessary as their technical knowledge rapidly becomes obsolete.

Skills and Qualities that will Help

Interpersonal skills: A huge asset for sales engineers is having strong interpersonal skills. This helps with not only communicating with additional staff but effectively helps communication with clients.

Problem-solving skills: It is important for sales engineers to listen to the customer's concerns and desires prior to recommending a solution to customize a product.

Self-confidence: It is vital that sales engineers remain persuasive and confident when presenting sales.

Technological skills: Sales engineers have a vast knowledge of the sophisticated items and technology they sell in order to explain the details to potential customers.

How To Advance

Advancing to a larger sales territory may come with a promotion. This may additionally lead to higher commission rates. Individuals may secure a supervisor position.