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Disability Studies at Portage College

How long is the Disability Studies at Portage College?
36 Week Certificate (part-time); 36 Week Diploma

What you need to get in to the Disability Studies at Portage College?
Grade 12 or equivalent including English 30, 30-1, 30-2 or 33 or mature student status. If less than 60% in English 30 or English 30-1, must have grade equivalency of 12.9 or greater on Nelson Denny test. High school transcripts. Transcripts from other post-secondary institutions. Criminal record check (when required by field placement agency). Child Welfare Information System check (when required by field placement agency). Criminal Record Check Waiver Form. The Disability Studies Certificate Program is a one-year program that provides classroom and on the job experiences designed to prepare graduates to work effectively with persons with developmental and physical disabilities. Students are trained to provide the supports needed by disabled children and adults to assist them in experiencing greater independence and a better quality of life. Students learn to have empathy for their clients, be enthusiastic about their work, be patient, have a positive attitude, be flexible and be good communicators. Work requirements include shift work, training sessions and planning meetings, travel and meeting the unexpected needs to the persons they serve. It is important for students to be reliable, to be able to work independently, to enjoy helping people and to work effectively in a team in order to be successful.

For more information on the Disability Studies at Portage College
(780) 623-5580

Does the :program offer a Coop?

Distance Education Available:
Both distance and non-distance

What type of learning environment should I expect in the Disability Studies?
In Class Study

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