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GenM Quarterly Scholarship

GenM helps students learn digital marketing through free courses. Our mission is to enable anyone, anywhere to acquire the skills, experience and relationships they need to succeed in the job market. Every 3 months we hand out a $5,000 USD scholarship to one student. To be eligible for the GenM...

Alberta Union of Provincial Employees Scholarships

AUPE maintains a Members Education Assistance Fund, which is the responsibility of the Education Sub-Committee of the Members' Benefits Committee. The sub-committee determines the amount of bursary money that will be awarded each year based on the interest generated by the capital in the fund. Members of AUPE with two...

Alberta Training Board Scholarships

The $1.5 million program triples the amount of available scholarship funding as part of the government's commitment to increase support for apprenticeship education. The goal is to encourage more students to explore trades education as a path to good-paying professional jobs that will provide financial stability and help meet future...

University of Calgary Entrance Scholarships

The Alberta Government sponsors a number of awards, including those mentioned on the next page, that are tenable at the University of Calgary and are offered through the Alberta Scholarship Programs office. Students will receive payment for any Alberta Scholarship Program award directly from ASP.

University of Alberta Entrance Scholarships

You could be starting with scholarships you don't even have to apply for! You will be evaluated for these scholarships when you apply for admission. Your eligibility will be based on your high school admission average at the time of your admission offer. We'll assess you for a match to...

Alberta Press Council Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Alberta Press Council to assist a high school student in pursuing post-secondary studies. The scholarship recognizes and rewards exceptional achievement at the grade twelve level based on the applicantâ??s ability to write a well organized, coherent essay.

Articles and Resources Recently Added
  • Cook

    A cook is a fully qualified tradesperson who is able to: prepare, cook and present a wide variety of foods efficiently and according to industry standards; be thoroughly familiar with safety requirements, safe work practices and health regulations pertaining to food preparation and service. Cooks generally are employed in restaurants,... More >

  • Boilermaker

    Boilermakers construct, install, test, maintain and repair boilers, tanks and other vessels that contain liquids, gases and dry products. These vessels may have unique characteristics. Boilermakers may work from blueprints to fabricate components from steel or other materials. They often have to attach rigging and work with cranes to lift... More >

  • Canadian Alliance of Student Associations

    The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) is an alliance of student associations and student unions from across Canada. Through this network of student governments, CASA represents and promotes the interests of post-secondary students to federal and inter-provincial levels of government. More >

  • Roofer

    Roofers install, repair and replace flat and sloped roofs. They work with membrane roofing systems that consist of a variety of materials with different application methods. They also install, replace and repair shingles, slate, shakes, roofing tiles, sheet metal and other preformed sheeting on sloped roofs. Before the work begins,... More >

  • Lather (Interior Systems Mechanic)

    Lathers handle, erect and install materials that are components in the construction of all or part of a structure. They lay out and install framework for ceiling systems, interior and exterior walls, floors and roofs. Lathers install various types of ceilings (e.g. suspended, spanned, direct contact), shielded walls (e.g. fire,... More >

  • Appliance Service Technician

    Appliance service technicians determine the appliance failure by performing diagnostic procedures with testing equipment. Based on their assessment, they provide work and cost estimates to the customer. They may provide installation and maintenance services. They disassemble appliances, repair, remove and replace components and reassemble appliances. They perform recovery and proper... More >