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Employability Skills at Portage College

How long is the Employability Skills at Portage College?
30 Weeks Certificate

What you need to get in to the Employability Skills at Portage College?
The Employability Skills Program assists students in making the transition from school to the workplace. The program is 30 weeks in length consisting of an 11-week classroom component followed by 19 weeks of supervised work placement. The classroom component combines applied academics and general employability skills with job-specific skills. Depending on the students choice of occupation, they will have an opportunity to obtain certification in skills that will add value in the workplace. The work placement component offered in the second semester focuses on helping students acquire the employment and occupational skills needed to find and maintain employment. -A recommendation from a coordinator and career counselling. Employability assessment if applicable as well as the necessary psychological testing to determine suitability. -Interview with coordinator required

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Does the :program offer a Coop?

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What type of learning environment should I expect in the Employability Skills?
In Class Study

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