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Native Artisans at Portage College

How long is the Native Artisans at Portage College?
38 Week Certificate (Students completing Advanced courses will be issued a Continuing Education Advanced Arts Certificate)

What you need to get in to the Native Artisans at Portage College?
The Native Artisan's Certificate program is open to all learners interested in developing artistic skills in traditional and contemporary Native arts and crafts. The Native Artisan program acknowledges the need to enjoy and benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of Elders and the teachings they have to offer. Upon completion of the 38-week program, students will be able to design and develop new ideas and product lines, and be able to produce and market top quality Aboriginal arts and crafts for expanding local, national and international markets. Students learn from hands-on instruction in traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art forms, including hide tanning, fine arts and design, carving, beadwork, Native footwear, decorative arts (porcupine quill work, tufting), and sewing. Courses in cultural awareness and Native arts history provide an appreciation of Native arts and culture and the historical development of the traditional and contemporary art forms. Artistic instruction is supplemented with courses in computing and marketing. A product development module encourages students to perfect their skills and apply them to the production of quality hand-crafted Native arts. Practical training opportunities provide the student with an opportunity to apply their skills and include experience in the design and construction of a commissioned artwork and practical experience in display and sales. Students can return for a second year taking advanced courses. Part-time study is also available in this program. Strong interest in Native arts and culture, interview, placement assessment if required. Graduates of the Native Artisans Certificate program are prepared for employment in community based Native art production centres, museums, or as contractors for commissioned artwork and sales. Many graduates choose to work as independent artisans, producing original Native arts and crafts for the expanding local and international markets.

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What type of learning environment should I expect in the Native Artisans?
In Class Study

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