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University Studies Diploma at Northern Lakes College

How long is the University Studies Diploma at Northern Lakes College?
Full-time students can complete the first two years of university; part-time students may take longer depending upon the course load. Upon successfully meeting the program requirements, students receive a General Studies University Diploma.

What you need to get in to the University Studies Diploma at Northern Lakes College?
The University Studies program assesses all applications on the basis of whether applicants have demonstrated a reasonable probability of academic success, as shown by previous educational history, relevant life experiences, writing abilities, clear educational goals and evidence of motivation. Generally, students who wish to enter this program must have: - High school diploma or equivalent OR mature student status - 60% in English 30-1 (English 30) or 70% in English 30-2 (English 33) or an assessed equivalency - Be deemed by the admissions committee (program advisor, program tutor, director) to be an exceptional case as evidenced by a strong commitment to an educational or vocational goal and a demonstrated reasonable probability of academic success.

For more information on the University Studies Diploma at Northern Lakes College
(780) 751-3200

Does the :program offer a Coop?

Distance Education Available:
Both distance and non-distance

What type of learning environment should I expect in the University Studies Diploma?
The program is offered using a mix of distributed delivery strategies. These include: computer conferencing; video conferencing; self-directed study; instructor led face-to-face classes; and onsite tutorials. University students benefit from small class sizes and individual tutoring in each subject. Classes are usually scheduled in 3 hour blocks once per week and will run at selected sites using delivery technologies as student numbers warrant.

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