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University Studies Diploma at Portage College

How long is the University Studies Diploma at Portage College?
30 Week Diploma

What you need to get in to the University Studies Diploma at Portage College?
Entrance Requirements: Students can be admitted in one of the following categories: 1. High School Matriculation: Completion of high school matriculation subject group requirements, or equivalent, with a minimum average of 60% and no mark in a matriculation subject group below 50%. 2. Mature Student: 19 years of age or older, out of high school for at least one full year, and a minimum average of 60% with at least 50% in English 30 or English 30-1 and one other subject from Group A, B or C. 3. Upon completion of twelve credits in Open Studies with a minimum GPA or 2.0 and consent of the program coordinator. 4. Advisor-Assisted Admission: Students who do not meet other admission requirements are encouraged to discuss options for admission into the University Studies program with a Portage College advisor. Complete high school transcripts and post secondary transcripts if any work done at a post secondary institution. May be required to do an interview with instructor or coordinator. Transferability: Courses in this program are transferable to other post-secondary institutions including universities. Students are encouraged to discuss course options with a program advisor. The University Studies program at Portage College offers a range of university transferable courses that provide students with a foundation for pursuing further studies as well as career preparation in selected areas of health, business, education, and human services. University Studies students can select courses to meet their individual needs, bridge into diploma programs at Portage College or elsewhere, or transfer credits to other institutions, including universities. Course credits are transferable to all universities and most colleges in Alberta. Students can complete up to two years of post-secondary studies. Full-time and Part-time Students: Students can participate in the University Studies program on a full-time or part-time basis. A normal full-time course load consists of five courses per semester, with a minimum of three courses per semester. A part-time course load consists of less than three courses per semester. Students can choose to complete the equivalent of a one-year certificate or a two-year diploma in accordance with the following guidelines: Diploma-To qualify for a University Studies diploma students must complete 60 according to the following requirements: -a minimum of 6 credits in English, normally English 103. -6 credits in Biology; Chemistry; Earth & Atmospheric Sciences; Mathematics; Psychology 104 or a combination thereof. -6 credits in English at the 200 or 300 level; History; Philosophy; Religious Studies or a combination thereof. -6 credits in Anthropology; Economics; Interdisciplinary Studies; Political Science, Psychology (excluding PSYC 104); Sociology or a combination thereof. -a maximum of 12 credits in one University Studies subject. -a maximum of 24 elective credits, drawn from any University Studies subjects. -a maximum of 42 credits may be taken at the 100 level.

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What type of learning environment should I expect in the University Studies Diploma?
In Class Study

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